The Investing Playbook That Will Make Your Investment Strategy a Success

Assign investment goals so that you can keep the profits and minimize the losses.

If you invest by trial-and-error, then...

  • You will panic every step of the way
  • You will make emotional decisions
  • You will buy too high
  • You will sell too low
  • You will fear making money
  • You will start gambling

Take the Mystery Out of Investing Money

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Master the techniques to grow your money

Meet Your Instructor, Advisor

Anna Rubešová

Anna Rubešová is an experienced language teacher and teaches Czech language to students from all over the world who have their various interests and reasons in the Czech culture. Her career started in language schools in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and in January 2019 she moved to Mexico, Puebla, where she started teaching online.

Anna enjoys traveling, and online teaching gives her the ability to work from anywhere. So far, Anna has visited 22 countries and her goal is to visit one new country every year. She believes that traveling is not only getting to know different places, but how it can benefit your career as well. Anna likes to discover new opportunities in her work life that will allow her to live the lifestyle she wants.

Meet Head Instructor, Advisor

Dennis Wisco

Beginning with his first full-time job, Dennis Wisco began saving $50 of every paycheck to put towards his retirement. Years past. Then a decade past. By simply saving and investing, his investment account grew bigger and bigger from four figures to five and then to six. But, it wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine. He’s weathered the biggest financial downturns in our lifetime, the Financial Crisis of 2008 and the Pandemic of 2020.

Dennis believes that investing money does not have to be a mystery or a gamble. He’s developed a safe and secure framework to guide your financial decision-making process. His goal is to empower his students to invest in themselves and reap the benefits of their investments through the joy of traveling. Dennis travels regularly from Southern California to Brno, Czech Republic.

Fin-Tech Apps Available to Make Investments

Financial technology has made possible to invest in markets outside the Czech Republic.

  • Revolut
  • Degiro
  • Passfolio
  • Saxo Bank
  • Fio Banka

What Do I Get With The Course?

  • A 4-week investing course designed to make your first investment.
  • Live Advising with Anna and Dennis
  • Sample spreadsheets for personal finance and investing
  • Assessments to measure understanding and readiness
  • Supporting documents for online lectures
  • Bonus lectures