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Live Advising / Student Support

Investment Plan

Learn the Language of ETF Trading

Our newest course, the Shadow Trading Program, is now available and teaches students how to make short-term income by trading ETFs. Learn more.

You Say: I’m afraid to lose money
We Say: Losing something, anything is part of life. What is the likelihood of losing or gaining money is what we say?
You Say: I don’t have enough money
We Say: A 60% return on 100Kč is 60Kč and the only work you did was deposit 100 Kč is what we say.
You Say: But how do I invest in these companies?
We Say: Finally, financial technology gives you access to the biggest companies in the world is what we say.
You Say: But the money is not real
We Say: Tell that to the poolboy after ordering your 4th drink is what we say.

Students Receive Everything They Need to Make
Their First Investment.

Group Sessions

Every session, you’ll meet other like-minded student-investors.

Live Advising

From signing up to your first investment, students receive advising from Dennis Wisco and Anna Rubesova.

Investment Plan

If you just invest your money, and do nothing, you’ll maximize your risk. We’ll customized an investment plan to match your risk tolerance and financial goals.

Each online lecture takes the mystery out of investing.

Course Schedule

Repeatable Investment Strategies
Mechanics of Investing
Protecting Gain and Minimizing Losses
Final WEEK
Investing Your First Koruna

Course Fee: 13.980 Kč

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