Shadow Trading Program

The Shadow Trading Program is an intensive trading program where students observe actual trading sessions to understand the logic and psychology of buying, selling, and holding positions from professional traders. Live discussions, or office hours, are held following each trading session. The goal of the ST Program is for students to learn how to make short-term income by trading business cycles.

How does it work?

Watch video lectures on real-world trading sessions. Lectures are published in the morning and live individual/group discussions occur in the evening on Zoom.
Enter Zoom Live Discussion  Meeting ID: 618 056 6822

What is the curriculum?

The curriculum is as follows:

Semester 1: Opening Hours
Lectures: Pre-market hours, Technical Analysis Part I, Entry and Exit Points
Open/Close: Jan 31 to Feb 2

Semester 1A: Earnings Seasons
Lectures: Bank Kickoff, Technical Analysis Part 2, Limit and Spreads
Open/Close: Feb 14 to Feb 16

Semester 1B: ETF Trading
Lectures: ETF Themes and Indices, Full-day trading session
Open/Close: Feb 28 to Mar 2

This curriculum is subject to change. Please consult with the Instructor for changes and updates.


The ST Program serves as educational content, and does not constitute financial advice. The ST Program features traders who demonstrate trades that are for illustrative purposes only. Examples may be the same or different than the positions that are currently held by the traders. All investing and trading in the US securities market involves risk, and students do so at their own personal decision.

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